IPS test 4 review sheet and test



Be able to do the following:

  1. Explain the role of the reactants and the products in a chemical reaction.
  2. Describe two methods for changing (increasing or decreasing) the rate of a chemical reaction.  Know the results of the reaction of an antacid tablet with water and how the rate of this reaction can be affected.
  3. Explain the process involved in separating a mixture of materials A and B if A is soluble in a given solvent and B is not soluble in that solvent.
  4. List possible processes for separating a mineral from an ore. Ore is the result of mining and contains material we want, and waste material.  An example would be the ore bauxite from which we obtain aluminum and waste material.
  5. Explain how the boiling points (also known as boiling temperatures) of the parts of our atmosphere relate to the fact that they are available to us as gasses.
  6. Name one source of Hydrogen and Oxygen for chemical feed stocks.
  7. Describe the meaning of “pure substance” in terms of the substance’s physical properties.
  8. Explain distillation of compounds with extremely low boiling points (hundreds of degrees below zero)


 Directions: Choose the best answer to the following questions and mark it carefully on your answer sheet.  If you change your answer, erase the first answer completely.  Do not write on this sheet. 
Which of the following will remain constant regardless of the quantity you have of a pure substance? a.  its mass          b   its density         c.  its boiling point          d.  a,b and c      e   b and c only
A liquid is cooled to -250º F and then heat is added until the liquid boils.  The temperature rises with time then stays constant for a period of time.   What can be said about the gas leaving the liquid while the temperature stays constant? 
  1. it may be a mixture  
  2. it is not a pure substance   
  3. it is a pure substance   
  4. a and b
  5. a and c
The process of food decay is a chemical reaction.  Think of prehistoric cave dwellers, whose food would decay most rapidly?
    1. Those in a cold climate
    2. Those in a warm climate
    3. Climate won’t matter so both will decay at the same rate
    4. Those in a humid climate
    5. a and c only.
Baking powder is sometimes mixed with dough to make the dough rise through a chemical reaction.  If a baker wants to slow the rising, what should the baker do? 
    1. Put it in the microwave
    2. Put it near the warm oven
    3. Put it outside
    4. Put it in the refrigerator
    5. Nothing; once the reaction starts it will proceed at its own rate and there is nothing to do.
A mixture of sulfur and salt must be separated.  A process or processes that will be useful are a.  dissolving          b.  boiling          c.  filtration          d.  distillation       e     a, b and c only
In a chemical reaction, 
    1. the solvent and solute combine
    2. the solvent and solute separate
    3. the solvent and one product produce a reactant
    4. a reactant and a product produce another reactant
    5. reactants produce products
In separation of two materials by distillation
  1. The reactants condense after boiling off
  2. The solvents react to the increase in temperature
  3. The products are the condensed material
  4. The reactants produce products of the reaction
  5. None of these
An inventor has patented a method of coating materials using a substance containing oxygen.  To get enormous quantities of oxygen, the inventor’s company should think about
  1. Buying oxides and separating the oxygen
  2. Locating near a body of water to remove oxygen from the water
  3. Buying 5 foot tall cylinders of pressurized oxygen
  4. Filtering CO2 to remove the oxygen
  5. Building a plant to remove oxygen from the atmosphere.
The Hubble Space Telescope discovers a planet of a distant star.  Analysis of the signal from the planet shows that the atmosphere contains gaseous nitrogen.  Astronomers can only conclude
  1. The temperature of the planet’s atmosphere is above the temperature at which nitrogen boils.
  2. The temperature of the atmosphere of the planet is similar to the temperature of earth’s atmosphere
  3. The planet’s atmosphere must also contain oxygen and hydrogen like earth’s atmosphere.
  4. Astronomers can’t conclude anything.  A robotic space vehicle must be sent to sample the atmosphere.
  5. All of the above
Knowing only that mining involves removal of large chunks of ore, you might expect that the first step in separating the desired element isa.      reacting a solvent with the ore as it comes out of the mineb.      crushing the orec.      filtering the ore as it comes out of the mined.      raising the temperature of the oree.      condensing the ore from a saturated solution
A material consists of a mixture of two solids, C and D.  C is soluble in warm water.  The separation process is very likely to includea.      Filtering the solids from a  water bathb.      Distillation of waterc.      Mechanical separationd.      Distillation of both C and D 
An antacid tablet is dropped in water and a chemical reaction begins.  Which statement(s) is/are true?a.      Water and the tablet are the reactantsb.      Water and the tablet are the productsc.      Using cold water will slow the reaction.d.      a and b onlye.      a and c only
Curing of concrete is a chemical reaction called hydration.  Which statement(s) is/are true about the curing of concrete?
  1. Concrete will cure more rapidly if more gravel is used in the mix
  2. Concrete will cure more rapidly in warm weather
  3. Concrete will cure more rapidly in cold weather
  4. Concrete cures at about the same rate regardless of the temperature of the mix.
The temperature of a fractional distillation process depends on
  1. The temperature of the reactants
  2. The temperature of the products of the reaction
  3. The boiling points of the solvents
  4. The boiling point of the pure substances in the mixture
The physical properties of a pure substance
  1. are dependent on the solvents that will dissolve the substance
  2. affect everything that can be done with the pure substance
  3. can be used to identify the pure substance
  4. a and c only
  5. b and c only

Answer key

  1. e
  2. c
  3. b
  4. d
  5. e
  6. e
  7. c
  8. e
  9. a
  10. b
  11. a
  12. e
  13. b
  14. d
  15. e