IPS Test 1 review sheet

IPS Chapter 1 Test Review Sheet


Students must be able to do the following:

  1. Describe the meniscus of a liquid and how it can affect readings of volume in a graduated cylinder.
  2. Read the volume of a liquid in a graduated cylinder.
  3. Explain why volume of a solid containing air (bag of marbles, dry sand, pebbles or the like) cannot be measured directly.
  4. Explain the displacement method of measuring volume.
  5. Given a solid that contains air, explain how to determine its volume by displacement.
  6. Explain how to determine the mass of an object using an equal arm balance, including the use of a slider to zero the balance.
  7. Determine the volume of a rectangular solid from its dimensions or from the defined shapes that fill it.
  8. Explain how to determine the sensitivity of a balance or scale.
  9. Given the mass or volume of an object, find the mass or volume of a quantity of the objects.
  10. Accurately estimate the length of an object using a scale when the object’s length does not coincide with a division on the scale.